Thursday, July 20, 2006

For our Last Class

This semester we have practiced teaching in class, studied various methods of teaching English, heard Mr. M's lecture, and observed junior high school English classes. It is time to use what we have learned!
For our last class I would like each of you to design a lesson plan for either page 50 or page 51 of the New Horizon e English textbook. (If you would like you can design a lesson based on another page).

Remember that it will probably not be possible for you to teach one page in one class so you will have to decide what to focus on.
When designing the lesson plan please consider the following:
1. What is the goal of your class and what will you focus on?
2. What will you do for warm-up?
3. How will you introduce the new material?
4. What kind of activities will you do to accomplish your goal?
5. How will you consolidate the class?

You do not have to write the lesson plan in your blog (Although it would be nice). In the last class we will present our lesson plans to each other and comment on them. In your final blogging assignment, I will ask you to write about what you now think your strengths and weaknesses are as English teachers.


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