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Blogging Task 3: Vocabulary Teaching and Learning in Taiwan

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a class blogging project in Taiwan. The class is an English Teaching Methodologies class at Tamkang University in Taipei. The teacher's name is Alice Chui (Please click on her name to see her class blog). Last March, Ms. Chui asked her class to think about how they were taught vocabulary when they were in junior and senior high school and also to write about what they think it the best way to teach vocabulary.

Last week and this week in Japan, we have reviewed and experienced various ways of teaching vocabulary, from presenting the words and meanings to teaching vocabulary through comprehenisible input.

I would like you to read at least two of the students' posts and comment on at least one. Please tell me which posts you left a comment leaving a comment on this post. For example if you read Shirly and Gabriel's blog and commented on Garbiel's blog, you would leave a comment on this post saying "I read Shirley's and Iris's blogs and commented on Shirley's blog.
Below are the links to various posts about vocabulary learning from students in Ms. Chui's class. I am sure that I have left out some interesting posts, so if you would like to read more you can go to Ms. Chui's home page and look at the blogs of students who have been left off the list. Also, if you would like to comment on a post not related to vocabulary teaching but something else, please do. There is a lot of interesting information, thoughts, and perspectives on these blogs! Reading these blogs will help enlighten you about different apporaches to foreign language teaching.
Posts about Vocabulary Teaching
Wings of Angel

Posts Related to Vocabulary Teaching
Gabriel (Explains the origin of the phrase "It's raining cats and dogs")
Olivia (Presents vocabulary and grammar learning websites)


Blogger Iris Chu said...

Dear professor:

I am Iris from Taiwan. Few weeks ago, Alice told us about the blog community thing. I think it's gonna be a good chance for all students to exchange ideas and thoughs. Thanks for sharing our blogs to your students in Japan. I hope we can have a good interaction on the Internet.

Have a nice weekend!

Iris Chu ^^

8:13 PM  
Blogger johnwang said...

Dear sir
I have read cathy and Estela and left my comment one Estela's blog.Please check it out. Have a nice day.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Estela Lei said...

Dear Sir,

I am Estela from Alice's class. I've already received John's comment. I have to say I am very glad someone else leave message for me besides my own classmates.
I will also visit the blogs of your students. I'm looking forward to see more interaction through the internet.

Best regards, Estela

9:28 PM  
Blogger JH said...

To Iris,
Thank you for your comment and I am really impressed that you can speak 5 languages! (I just read your profile on blogger). I am looking forward to hearing about how you were able to learn so many languages.

12:34 AM  
Blogger JH said...

To Estela,
Thanks for your comment and enthusiasm for interacting with the students in ETM3. I am looking foward to talking to our future conversations.

12:41 AM  
Blogger Eringo said...

I'm Eringo in ETM3 class.
I read Cathy's and Gillian's blogs and commented on Gillian's blog.
Both of the blogs are very interesting.

12:54 AM  
Blogger Iris Chu said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Iris Chu said...

Dear Sir:
It's Iris again! Thank you for visiting my blog. Speaking of my language learning, Mandarin and Taiwanese are my native languages. Since I was a "Applied Foreign Languages" major, I'd mastered both English and Japanese in my college. At the moment, I am an English major in Tamkang University. I came to realize learning these two foreign languages is what the majority of Taiwanese are doing. I need to get motivated and start another language. That's why Franch learning came into my life last September. Though I am currently at the baby stage of Franch competence, I firmly believe as long as I pick up a new language, I've already seized the chance and can make it better in the near future.

Language leaning is fun because it truly leads me to realize one country's culture. You know, I really enjoy making friends from foreign countries with different culture backgrounds. So, as long as I have time and passion, the journey of language learning will be on and on and on.

Thank Sir again for inviting me into this conversation. I am looking forward to next talk. ^^

12:54 PM  
Blogger gakusei said...

I'm gakusei in ETM3 class.
I read Cathy's and Gillian's blogs.
I commented on Cathy's blog.

1:35 PM  
Blogger happy days said...

Dear Sir,
Hello. I'm happy days. I read "gillian's blogs" and "Miranda's murmur…". I think that both ideas are very good, but if you insist, I sympathize with Gillian's opinion. So, I commented on "gillian's blogs". As she says and I have actually experienced, it takes much time to master new words. So, I think that it is better to teach vocabulary in class, and in addition, by reviewing in the home, it connects up with true acquisition.
happy days

1:39 PM  
Blogger 74napochi said...

Hello. I'm napoti. I read Cathey's and Estela's blog.
Cathey's opinion is very persuasion. Especially I was surprised that she has her original strong opinion. On the other hand, I felt sympathy for Estela's opinion. I think learning English with joy is important, but I also think that's an over -optimistic thinking. But it doesn't seemed so bad through Estela's. So I was glad to read their Blogs.

2:06 PM  
Blogger minesuke said...

I am Minsuke inETM3 class, I commented Estela's and gillian's blogs. I enjoyed reading both blogs.

2:23 PM  
Blogger The lion said...

I am The Lion in ETM3 class. I read Nancy's and Wing of Angel's blog. I commented Wing of Angel's blog. I am very interested in reading their blogs.

3:01 PM  
Blogger 34mihotch said...

I'm Mihotch. I read Shirley's and Cathy's blogs and commented on both of two. Their blogs were very interesting.Especially,Cathy's opinion was concrete,I have learned a lesson from their story.

6:02 PM  
Blogger SWEET IRENE said...

Dear professor:

I am Irene Kan from Taiwan. I got the message from Alice. Although I didn't post the articles about how to teach vocabulary, I am still happy to invite you and all of your students to visit my blog. I am sure that we will have a woderful interaction.

Have a nice day!

Sincerely,Irene Kan

4:29 AM  
Blogger yoshie hb said...

I have read the blogs of estera and wings of angel.
And I comment the angel's blog.
Both blogs are very interesting.

2:21 PM  
Blogger mibora said...

I read Estela and wings of anjel.
I commented Estela's blog.I'm very interested in every blogs.I want to read them as possible as I can.

2:21 PM  
Blogger rip said...

I read cathy's and wing of Angel's blog.And I commented wing of angel's blog.I was able to mention new thought on teaching vocabulary

2:49 PM  
Blogger headbanger said...

I'm headbanger. I read Gillian's and Shirley's blogs and commented on Shirley's blog. Thank you.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Maruchan said...

I read Miranda and Nancy's blog and commented on Miranda's blog.
Both of the blogs gave me interesting and useful stories.

3:48 PM  
Blogger fantasista said...

I have read Shirley and Estela. I left my comment one Shirley's blog.

3:50 PM  
Blogger patapata said...

Dear sir,
I'm PataPata. I read Gillian's and Cathy's blog and left my comment on Gillian's one.
I'm glad to know many opinions of students in the world. I'm looking forward to share their thought with us.

4:00 PM  
Blogger cheesecake said...

I'm cheesecake. I read Gillian's and Wing of Angel's blog. I commented about Wing of Angel's blog. Thank you.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Elle said...

I read Shirley and Estela and Nancy's blog and left my comment Shirly and Esrela's blog.

8:01 PM  
Blogger Iris Chu said...

Dear professor:

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Reflecting on my vocabulary learning ten years ago, it's quite teacher-centered. Since I was in the top three class, the majority of my classmates were really hard working, and so was the teacher. In this case, we didn't have any time-consuming activities. Due to the popularity of KK phonetic alphabet, my teacher emphasized on words' prounication a lot. Listening to what I pronounced myself helped me remember the syllable and spelling as well. Plus, the usage of words was given clearly. Honestly speaking,the rountine teaching approach cut down some students' interest toward learning; however my teacher did enlighten me to learn this foreign language.

Ten years after,I realize showing pictures on powerpoint or flashcards is a direct and effective way to explain words' meanings. Whenever students think of a picture, they will connect what the word is. Learn either classes of words or related words will widen the vocabulary bank as well. Also, great improtance is given to students' engagement. As long as they know how to use vocabulary, English will be part of their life naturally.

4:20 PM  

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