Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blogging Task 1: How I learned English

Dear members of ETM 3,

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging and all aboard! Good work today in the computer room. It seems that all of you who were present today are ready to start writing in your blogs! I asked you to do the following tasks for next week. Please have them done by 6PM on Tuesday, April 25. The reason why I would like you to finish your tasks early is so we all have time to read eachother's entries by Thursday's class.

Here are the assignments I would like you to do:
  1. Please write a simple self introduction where you will introduce yourself to your readers.
  2. Please write a second post that has the following theme: "The Story of how I Learned English." You do not have to write an epic story, just give us the important parts. I have written my own story and put it on my personal blog. Your story does not have to be as long as mine, I have been studying Japanese for a long time and had a lot to write!
  3. Write a comment on someone else's blog. The beauty of blogs is that writers can have a dialogue with the readers.


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