Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blogging Task 2: An Analysis of my English Learning

They say that foreign language teachers' language learning experiences have a profound influence on how they teach the foreign language. So, while ETM3 is starting to begin, I would like to take some time to examine our own language learning experiences.

  • Please go to the following link and save the file (it is an excel file) onto your computer. The file is a questionnaire asking you about the kind of language learning activities you did when you were a student. Answer the questions in the chart and then send me the file as an attached file.
  • After you have sent me the file, please make a blog entry titled "an analysis of my language learning experience". Please answer the following questions:
  1. My most enjoyable language learning experience has been….
  2. My least enjoyable language learning activity has been …
  3. My most valuable language learning activity has been …
  4. My least valuable language learning activity has been ....
  5. In general my language learning experience has been ....
  6. What kind of influence do you think your language learning experience will have on your teaching?
  • Please do the above by (let's negotiate a date)
  • Please comment on a classmate's blog by (let's negotiate a date) and e-mail JH to say whose blog you commented on.
  • (Optional) Edit your previous post, "My language learning esperience" and fix any spelling mistakes or change or add some content if you wish.


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